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Tour Services

Air Sea Transport & Tours, S.A.

Contact person:: Nora Canto

Phone/WhatsApp: 6072-5534


The following are the rates, terms and conditions of Air Sea Transport and Tour S, A for the 2023 season.



Adult USD

Child USD

Cable Car

1 hour

B./. 90.00

B./. 40.00

Ecological Hike. La Chunga, Dique
or La Laguna trail.

1 hour

B./. 55.00

B./. 25.00

Canopy Tour in Gamboa
Three schedules
(Minimum 4 Adults)

4 hour

B./. 90.00

B./. 45.00

Visit to the Emberá Community
(Minimum 4 adults)

5 hour

B./. 82.00

B./. 41.00

Portobelo Tour
Minimum 5 persons

4 a 5 hour

B./. 80.00

B./. 40.00

Panama Canal tour and shopping
(Minimum 5 people)

7 hhour

B./. 45.00

B./. 22.00

Panama Canal and city tour

5 hour

B./. 55.00

B./. 55.00

Pasadía in San Blas

8 hhour

B./. 150.00

B./. 150.00



All tours must be booked by phone and with an email request as a backup. Reservations can be made until 05:00 p.m. the day before, as long as the group is not larger than 10 people. For groups of more than 10 people, reservations must be made before 04:00 p.m. the day before.

Aquatic Tours

Air sea Transport has the responsibility to maintain its aquatic equipment in perfect mechanical condition for its correct and safe operation.


  • The use of life jackets is mandatory and non-negotiable.

  • Air Sea Transport and Tours, S.A., because of its commitment to sustainable and responsible tourism, has strict policies of not feeding animals (monkeys and other wildlife) on any of its tours in Gatun Lake.

  • Women more than 3 months pregnant will not be allowed to go on water tours.

  • In case of mechanical failure of the equipment, the captain or guide will communicate with the marina via cellular phones to request assistance. The maximum time stipulated for rescue assistance is up to 30 minutes.


All touring activities have a level of risk and there is the possibility of an accident or even death of the participant.
The Tour Operator is responsible for informing the client about the risks and possible dangers that may arise during the development of the tours.

45.00 (1 or 2 persons)

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