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 Shalako P. Wiener 

Goba Capital

Chief Revenue Officer

Multilingual Finance Manager fluent in English, Spanish, and French, boasting extensive expertise across various sectors including C&I banking, Alternative Finance, Corresponding Banking, consumer products, legal, medical, and fintech services across the US, Europe, and the Americas. Adept at crafting optimal cost and time-efficient structures to enhance companies' cash conversion cycles. Known for fostering an inclusive leadership style that maximizes team potential and consistently delivers added value to the organization. Possesses a robust understanding of international business law, trade finance, corporate finance, credit risk assessment, portfolio growth and management, budgeting, process optimization, and new market expansion. Demonstrated proficiency in navigating win-win negotiations, innovatively resolving challenges, and adeptly managing crises. Recognized as a natural leader, optimist, and tenacious problem solver.

GOBA Capital

Chief Revenue Officer  


Leading a global team partnering with stakeholders in Corporations needing unique working capital solutions that align with their cash flow and supply chain needs.


As a Finance Manager, my primary focus centers on developing tailored working capital solutions to drive business growth.

I specialize in providing customized financing options, ranging from $3 million to $100 million, to address the diverse needs of companies across various industries and global markets.


My approach involves crafting personalized financial strategies that empower businesses, enhancing their efficiency and ensuring financial stability. Together with my experienced team, we invest time in comprehensively understanding the unique requirements, aspirations, and challenges of each client we work with. This thorough understanding informs our innovative financial offerings, guaranteeing an optimal match for every client's specific circumstances.

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